Safety Net - New IT Support

As of August 1, 2016, Safety Net is partnering with our teams to provide support and security monitoring of our technology infrastructure.  Safety Net brings with them expertise and a staff of over 20 people to empower our team with functioning technology infrastructure and education on how to best protect our company from security vulnerabilities.  As our organization has grown and matured, so too has our need for a larger IT staff to support our needs and to incorporate best practices into our IT procedures.  IT touches every part of the employee lifecycle from the time that they start their position to the day they move on, so providing each of our employees with the best possible service for all of their technology needs is paramount to their overall effectiveness.

Safety Net is local to Traverse City and was founded over 10 years ago to help support the small to midsize company.  They are experts in Information Security practices and IT administration and support.  In addition to the day-to-day support, they will also be working with Colleen Maguire in a fraction CIO role to help shape our strategy for the future support of our companies.

Sol Orlowski will be on-site from time to time as a partner to better our current infrastructure and address concerns as they come up.  If you are experiencing any technology issues, call Safety Net support at 231-944-1100

- Colleen Maguire, Director of Technology