Let’s just admit it; change is hard.

And this is especially true for a company the size of Tamarack Holdings. Across our various teams, there are more than 80 people collaborating to create value, which is very often a job more easily said than done. But empowering teamwork is a vital part of the holding company’s job, and something that we’re particularly passionate about fostering.

To successfully achieve our goal of a culture that we can all believe in, we’re in the process of implementing a variety of continuous improvement projects. The goal of these efforts, which is perfectly illustrated here, is for us to do “less of what doesn’t work: eliminating mistakes, reducing complexity, and stripping away the inessential." Over time this should result in a mindset that allows us to delight our customers, our vendors, our communities, and each other, with everything that we do. Each of you are an important part of this process.

In order for this effort to succeed, we will need everyone to participate in the change that we all know needs to happen. I invite you to be a part of it.

- Jason Gollan, CEO