Three-pronged Approach for Supply Chain

It’s an exciting time for the Supply Chain team, as we take steps forward working to achieve our vision. Right now, our focus includes communication, process and quality.

Communication - From interdepartmental to internal and external customers to multi-locations, our company has a wide range of communication channels and needs. By actively embracing our communication efforts, we hope, both within the Supply Chain and within CCF as a whole, to feel empowered with information to perform our roles successfully.

Process - One of the most effective ways for us to achieve our vision is by questioning every process and understanding the “why” behind it. When we experience an AFOG (another fantastic opportunity for growth), we don’t just put out the fire, we question it and the root cause behind it. It’s a lot of upfront work, but as we identify and eliminate root causes, we will enjoy the benefits of addressing them and be inspired to identify new opportunities for growth.

Quality - Our customers expect high quality, local product from us. Our vision for quality control is to build quality checks into the process, so that we can catch potential quality concerns as soon as they surface and move away from reactive quality control and “fire fighting” efforts. It won’t happen overnight, but we are committed to making small changes along the way.

Additionally, we are actively looking to fill the vacant Value Added Buyer role. We’ve got a pool of strong candidates and are eager to explore their strengths to see how they would best align with CCF’s needs. As part of the on-boarding process and in conjunction with CCF’s Strategic Plan, we will be analyzing the VA category to remove slow moving products and vendors, in hopes of setting our new buyer up for a successful transition.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding what’s happening in the Supply Chain, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

- Hilary Gessner, Business Design Engineer