You speak - we listen!

A Few months ago, all employees had an opportunity to participate in a Communications Survey. Well, what the heck has happened to that information and did anyone take the time to look at it?

The answer is yes! The Communications Team spent a number of meetings pouring over the survey and creating action items that would support what you all told us you wanted in regards to communication.

The largest of these projects is the Slack implementation. What became clear in the survey is that everyone was hungry for more information and in particular information in regards to strategy, key customers, trends/issues, products/service and financials. Additionally, we needed a way to communicate to the “right” people in a timely manner.

Slack seemed to be able to fill many of the requests on the Communication Survey. First, it allows global communication to all employees of important or key information in a very timely manner. Additionally, it allows “Channels” to be created where more specific information can be shared with a smaller, relevant audience. Finally, it allows one-to-one communication across locations, departments and businesses. By having a variety of communication avenues, we will be better able to ensure that information is being disseminated effectively!

All of us should have access to two Slack teams. The first is the global Tamarack Holdings Community that houses all employees. Here you will find information that is relevant to folks working in all the businesses. Additionally, you will find Channels that include, and be able to Direct Message, coworkers who may be part of different Tamarack businesses.   

The second Slack team you should be a member of is your direct business unit (eg:  CCF, Earthy, or TLC).  In this team you will find information and Channels that will have information that impacts only your business unit.  

As you think of all the different levels and ways we can communicate via Slack, you can really start understanding how this tool will really help us get the “right” information to the “right” people at the “right” time.  So, please make sure you are making Slack part of your daily life!

- Jennifer Ewing, Vice President, People & Culture